Monthly Archives: August 2009

Episode 46: Stone Tablet Barbecue

Some us may know about indigenous people’s stone tablet houses. But do you know they can be used for barbecue? The elders here teach us how to pick the best stone tablets. Pick the wrong tablets and it may break during high heat.


Episode 45: Three Stone Stove

This episode introduces the “three stone stove” of the Rukai people, which uses the air flow to assist in making fire. By examining the tripod of the “three stone stove”, students can understand why three legs are more stable than four. Through the transfer and dissipation of heat, the principle of air convection is illustrated to the audience.

Episode 44: Vine Ball

Now, let’s check out another part of the Five-Year Ceremony: the vine ball. During the ceremony, the vine balls are actually soaked in water to give it weight. In this physics episode, the expert teaches us how to make these traditional vine balls and why heavier balls can actually be thrown higher.

Episode 43: Hanging Trap

We come to Lunpi Village in Yilan County. While here, a Paiwan expert teaches us about hanging traps. These simple traps are still effective because they use pulleys, levers, and frictions.

Episode 42: Ceremonial Pole

The Paiwan people have a tradition called the Five-Year Ceremony. During the highlight of the celebration, people catch high flying vine balls with 65-meter long bamboo poles. Do you want to know how to make such a bamboo pole? Here’s a hint: watch out for the law of thermodynamics!