Monthly Archives: September 2009

Episode 50: Preserved Meat

The Atayal have a very special food called “tmmyan” (preserved meat), which is created through many chemical reactions. The process uses uncooked millet and meat. While in the contain, they would ferment. The preserved meat would contain a sour taste that is loved by the Atayal people. Through experiments, kids find out that starch would ferment in a confined space because there are many different types of fungi in the air.


Episode 49: Weaving

Weaving had been a tradition passed down through Atayal and Sediq women. Many start learning as early as 7 or 8 years old. In this episode, Taws will show kids the traditional loom, and how traditional weaving is done. Elders use number series and geometry to weave patterns that rival modern clothing!

Episode 48: Mochi

This episode introduces the Saisiyat’s traditional food, mochi. Through a demonstration of the traditional way to scrape mochi off the pestle, the kids understand the destructive force of pressure. They were also encouraged to use the seemingly weak cotton to cut through different objects with friction and heat.

Episode 47: Fish Spear and Fishing Glass

Fish spear and fishing glass are important tools for Atayal hunters. Throughout the ages, they had perfected their fishing techniques, and an elder will teach us a few tricks. Why does the spear have to be made of bamboo? Why must they fish at night? They will also explain how a fishing glass takes advantage of the scientific principle of light refraction so hunters can see into the water.