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Episode 80: Hunter’s Lunch

The early indigenous peoples of Taiwan, whether they depended on the mountains or the sea, used their unique environment for food. This is why each tribes developed their own food culture.
Indigenous hunters’s lunch mainly consisted of sweet potatoes. However, due to the differences in environment, each tribe developed its own kind of lunch for the hunters. Bamboo tube rice is one of the portable food for the Tsou.
Finding the right bamboo and how to fill it with rice require a lot of wisdom.


Episode 79: Swing

Episode 78: Glazed Beads

The glazed beads of Paiwan are not only beautiful, but they are full of mysterious ancient legends. How are glazed beads made? What is the best way to heat them? How does the color get there? And what wisdom of the elders are in the making process.

Episode 77: Baseball

When anyone mentions baseball, the first thing people think of are the famous Hongye Little League and the Jinlong Little League. Many of the great players are indigenous children from different tribes.
Swinging at a pitch depends on a player’s reflexes and his motion. The degree in which a player turns, the posture of his swing, the angle of contact with the ball, and the striking zone are all key elements to scoring. A seemingly simple swing is actually backed up by a lot of scientific principles.