Monthly Archives: May 2010

Episode 85: Carrying Objects Using the Head

Because of the terrain, indigenous peoples of the mountains move everything by hand. Therefore, the women developed the method of carrying things on their heads. Walking up and down the mountains require one to shift their body weights differently. What is the best way to walk up and down a mountain when carrying things on your head? Which way should they shift the center of gravity?


Episode 84: Amis Fishing Net

Over thousands of years, indigenous people who live by the water have developed clever ways to fish. Fish traps, paralysing vines, fish spears and fish glasses are just some of the examples. Although methods are different due to different tribes having different environments, they all express oneness with nature and the knowledge passed down through generations. The Amis fishing net is a round shaped net. The greater the surface area, the more fish it can catch. This episode uses triangle, square, and round nets of the same perimeters and circumference to show that the one with the greatest area is the round net.

Episode 83: Farming

Using characteristics of nature to replace herbicides and fertilizers are the gift the Tao give back to its lands.
What is the scientific principle behind Tao’s traditional irrigation and fertilizing methods? What is the secret to turning soil into gold?

Episode 82: Derris

Using vines with paralyzing agents has always been used in early fishing methods. What is derris, and how does it paralyze a fish?
The most effective part of a derris is its roots. It can not only paralyze a fish, but it could also do it very quickly. However, because it is so effective, and it can influence a wide area, the use of derris has been restricted very early on.

Episode 81: Bow & Arrow

There are two types of Tsou arrowheads: bamboo and iron. The bamboo arrowhead is fitted with two pieces of feathers for the fins. The iron arrowhead has three. Adding feathers stabilizes the arrow when it flies. In this episode, the kids throw long shaped balloons to understand the function of stabilizing fins. They even use a small wind-tunnel to observe the difference between arrows with fins and arrows without them.