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Episode 94: Pottery

Pottery, whether in the Rukai or Paiwan, is an important symbol. The Rukai believe that their own ancestors were born in clay pots. They see clay pots, as “divine pots”. To the Paiwan, clay pots are not only where ancestral spirits reside, but they are deeply related to history, beliefs and cultures.
But how are clay pots made?Where do the material come from?Can ordinary mud and sand be made into pots?What details do they need to pay attention to?
In this episode, we visit a Paiwan pottery expert, and we learn each step of its production.Through experimentation, we also find out the different characteristics of clay and sand.


Episode 49: Weaving

Weaving had been a tradition passed down through Atayal and Sediq women. Many start learning as early as 7 or 8 years old. In this episode, Taws will show kids the traditional loom, and how traditional weaving is done. Elders use number series and geometry to weave patterns that rival modern clothing!

Episode 46: Stone Tablet Barbecue

Some us may know about indigenous people’s stone tablet houses. But do you know they can be used for barbecue? The elders here teach us how to pick the best stone tablets. Pick the wrong tablets and it may break during high heat.

Episode 45: Three Stone Stove

This episode introduces the “three stone stove” of the Rukai people, which uses the air flow to assist in making fire. By examining the tripod of the “three stone stove”, students can understand why three legs are more stable than four. Through the transfer and dissipation of heat, the principle of air convection is illustrated to the audience.