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Episode 81: Bow & Arrow

There are two types of Tsou arrowheads: bamboo and iron. The bamboo arrowhead is fitted with two pieces of feathers for the fins. The iron arrowhead has three. Adding feathers stabilizes the arrow when it flies. In this episode, the kids throw long shaped balloons to understand the function of stabilizing fins. They even use a small wind-tunnel to observe the difference between arrows with fins and arrows without them.


Episode 80: Hunter’s Lunch

The early indigenous peoples of Taiwan, whether they depended on the mountains or the sea, used their unique environment for food. This is why each tribes developed their own food culture.
Indigenous hunters’s lunch mainly consisted of sweet potatoes. However, due to the differences in environment, each tribe developed its own kind of lunch for the hunters. Bamboo tube rice is one of the portable food for the Tsou.
Finding the right bamboo and how to fill it with rice require a lot of wisdom.

Episode 41: Crossbow

This episode brings Taws and friends to the legendary Boar Village of the Tsou’s people. Here, we check out the Tsou warriors’ favorite hunting tool, the crossbow. We learn the science of elasticity, and use the elder’s knowledge to build a crossbow.

Episode 40: Fire-Making

In this episode, we visited a Tsou tribe of Danayiku in beautiful Alishan.
We talked to village experts on how the indigenous people made fire in the old days. Through our experiments, we explored the mystery of friction, and learned about the three conditions needed to make a fire.

Episode 39: Bamboo-copter

Episode 38: Top (Tsou)