Monthly Archives: January 2010

Episode 67: Terraced Fields

The Tao of Lanyu know that water is essential, therefore, they treat the development of every terraced field with the utmost respect. Therefore, we find a very smart tool in each of the fields, a barrel. What role does it play in a field? Through the students observation, we find out the differences between the Yeheng fields and Lanyu’s fields.


Episode 66: Sumac

Located in Taiwan’s Nantou County Renai Towship, there is a very special tree called the Sumac. One hundred years ago, when mountain indigenous people were unable to acquire salt for their diet, the Sumac solved this problem. Indigenous people used this tree to get a balanced diet. What kind of plant is this amazing tree?

Episode 65: Underground House Drainage System

In this episode, we delve into the traditional architectural design and construction of the underground house’s drainage system. To understand the scientific principle behind it, the science teacher leads kids to pick rocks and build a drainage system of their own. Also, using bottles and absorbent powders, the kids learn why the Tao people must smoke flying fish in their own homes.

Episode 64: Fish Trap

This episode introduces an Atayal traditional fishing tool, the fish trap. Mostly made of bamboo, the fish trap is often put into creeks with baits inside. After a rain, it could also be put into ditches to catch fish and shrimp.
The trap uses a one-way valve mechanism. The science teacher helps kids to find out which every objects also use this mechanism. Using the principles of this theory, the kids create a magnetic slingshot.