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Episode 91: Facial Tattoo Pt. 2

Ptasan, or facial tattoos, has different patterns due to different tribes. U shaped patterns belong to the Sediq and the Truku. The V shape belongs to the Atayal.
Traditional tattoo methods differ from modern methods in that modern tattoo equipments are electrical. They use medical grade stainless steel for their needles. After disinfecting it, they would seal the package. Once it’s used, the equipment would be discarded. In the past, the dye is a mixture of pine charcoal, so there is only one color. Now, using various plants, a wide variety of colors are available.


Episode 90: Facial Tattoo Pt. 1

Facial Tattoo is the most important cultural representation for the Atayal, Sediq, and Truku. In the traditional cultures of these tribes, facial tattoo identify the wearer’s tribe, age, and abilities. For boys and girls, they could get their tattoos on their foreheads at the age of 5. As for men’s chin tattoo and women’s cheek tattoo, they are only available once the person has become an adult. In the past, the standard for adulthood is that a woman must be able to weave, and a man must be able to hunt and has headhunted.
Facial tattoo is applied by a tattoo master. The tattoo tool is a set of brush-shaped needles or the thorn of a plant. The coloring is a mixture of pine charcoal.

Episode 36: Bronze Sword